A Hotep Bedtime Story

Dad: “Alright, baby…  It’s time for bed.  Brush your teeth and come on so I can tuck you in.”

Daughter: “But daddy…”

Dad: “No, no buts.  I gotta get you to school and your mothers to work in the morning.”

Daughter: “I just wanted you to tell me a bedtime story.”

Dad: “Oh…  Okay.  You all tucked in?”

Daughter: “Yeah.”

Dad: “Well…  Once upon a time, there was a revolutionary man who knew that there was nothing to be gained in standing around in this world waiting for anyone to do for you what you wouldn’t – or as it were – couldn’t do for yourself.
Rather than begging for it from people who really had nothing invested emotionally in his success, he started a non-profit.  With it, he would open a school for young black boys and teach them to become standup black men.  What would happen from there would allow these brothers to grow to become strong black leaders who themselves would teach younger brothers after them to grow up to do the same and finally break the chains that has been dogging them for generations.
He started to collect money and his school became more of a sure thing as people began to believe in him and his vision became closer and closer to reality…”

Daughter: “That is a really good story, daddy.  What happened after th--…”

Dad: “But NOOOOOO!!! Wypipo, they ain’t having that shit.  Ain’t no way they gon let a black man be great and teach others to become that.”

Daughter: “Huh?”

Dad: “Riiight, no way!  So they start digging into this man’s past.  Looking at his paperwork, trying to discredit him.  ‘Where’s your non-profit paperwork?’ they asked him.  ‘Why can’t we find any record of your PhD?’ they snickered.  No, no way in hell we gon' let this man be great.”

Daughter: “Well couldn’t he just, like, show them the paperwork?”


Daughter: “I’m sleepy, how does this story end?”

Dad: “The same way it ALWAYS ends when wypipo try to discredit a brotha trying to better all of us.  Now they have turned us – and apparently they got to YOU – against him with their ‘question a n**ga’ tactics.  Do you listen to anything I teach you at home?  I told your mothers we should bring in third wife to homeschool you.”

Daughter: *cries*

Dad: “Now they got us ALL looking bad out here.  Everybody that supports him look like they supporting a fraud.  Those who might have a similar plan looking like THEY might be a fraud.”

Daughter: “Daddy?”

Dad: “What?”

Daughter: “Can I just go to sleep now?”

Dad: “No, you Stay Woke™!  You need to hear this.  Everybody need to hear this story!”


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