Writing About Writing Vol 3

     Now that I have my muse, motivation and most importantly the support I need to do this, I am BEATING on my craft.

At home, I have someone I can bounce my ideas off of and instead of being met with indifference to even wanting to do it, I get feedback.
Sometimes it is “ehh...  I don’t know if I like that,” or "you're moving to quick to close the story out" or even just “you’re moving too fast, chill and perhaps let me read before you publish” when I make rookie mistakes that I normally don't but even those are better than turning and walking away.  What is most important is that I am being engaged in what I love to do.
It also motivates me to CONSTANTLY perfect my creative process.  I have often spoken about seeding scribes with ideas that I will use later.  Another thing I do is conceptualize and repeat things to myself until I can get back to a computer to type them out.

Support for my craft: the love of my life knows I have short term memory issues like Dory and decided that I needed a laptop to work on this and passed one on to me.  She knows I prefer desktop keyboards and large screens but didn't want my ideas to die when I would be away from mine at home or work.
I use that damn laptop.  Sometimes it cripples my typing and I have to edit a lot, but I use it.

By the time I get to the computer though?  I have generally already WRITTEN what will be written.  My brain has to do SOMETHING when I am working in the yard or working out, trying not to cum yet or perhaps even driving to work or something.  Again, repeat it.  Repetition to the point of memorizing is how most of us actually made it through public school.  No, it isn’t just for song lyrics anymore.

Sometimes I start a post and save it to come back later.  More often I start one and schedule it and decide to push it back.  Usually in favor of recency validity, a term that context clues should tell you that a concept is more valid than another in this moment and should be sooner posted on before it gets old and uninteresting.  That is how the R. Kelly post went up when it did and not the Top 5 post instead.  The news cycle bumped that shit to “post ASAP” urgency.  That even happened this week.  I had another post lined up for yesterday, but an epiphany found me in my yard on Monday so I moved it to next week instead of finishing it.

All that means is to KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN.  The best means to this end is to plan as far ahead as possible…

This is the fewest drafted posts I have had in a very long time, even in my 3-year hiatus.  Most of go up almost every day, even outside of my normal Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule.

     I like to think my Writing About Writing posts are helpful to creative people who are interested in other people’s methods.  At least two people have personally told me as much.  I think I will do one of these every few weeks.


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