This Week in Hotep News

                …  or more accurately, “drowned out of the news.”
Let’s have a look at how “they” have shut us out of our just due media coverage just this week alone.

Let’s look at the first and most prominent ongoing issue of interest.  Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned despite half of the NFL preparing to start bums, just to prove a point.
Members of the media were on board, it simply didn’t make sense that this man was not on someone’s roster as a #2 waiting for his chance to challenge for #1.

     It was taking up too much damned attention.
So someone got the word to a couple of white players to show some “solidarity” with the brown ones who continued his fight.  All of a sudden we have the White Saviors we needed to tell us we were not in this alone.
What we had was a distraction.  With the White Savior, we had a distraction from the uncomfortable truths that Brother Kaepernick was trying to bring attention to and to those brave white players willing to stand for something.  And, by design, the story stopped being about Kaepernick being one of the unemployed and all was well in white America.

     This week, we lost a hero…
On Saturday, Dick Gregory passed away at the age of 84 in Washington DC.  This man had made a life of using humor to convey the difficulty of coming up in the south in a manner that a lot of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers had.  He used comedy to make palatable the difficulties of those things and used his platform for the advancement of civil rights, voter rights, opposition to the Vietnam War.  He was a male voice for feminism, a Black voice for political involvement, unafraid to call bullshit on the “facts” behind JFK’s assassination.
I could make this whole post about Dick Gregory, trust.
So what did they do to push him aside?  Simple, Jerry Lewis died.
All of a sudden, we’re stuck with endless coverage of some spastic dude telling jokes and geeking out physical comedy that would not be funny if it was new in 2017.  Apparently Jerry Lewis was the best thing since sliced bread if you let them tell it.  Well, for current application, his death allowed “them” the escape they needed from discussion of Dick Gregory and his expansive list of accomplishments.

     Oh, and we can’t forget the most “Hotep” thing to happen all week.  That’s right, the 90 rolling minutes across the nation where the Woke™ moon slid by and blacked out the sun.  The Creator had to remind us that he is one of us after all with this eclipse.
And look at what was happening even then.

-“Don’t look at, you’ll damage your eyes.”
-“It won’t last very long anyway”
-“Make sure you wear your protective eyewear!”
-“It will only be available in a specific band of states, not everywhere.”
-“Cloud cover will render it unseeable”

All copouts.  There was not a more Hotep friendly thing to take place this week than that eclipse.  The TRUTH is that they didn’t want you to see the strength of Darkness overtake something as all-powerful as the sun, even if only for a moment.  You know who wanted to see it though?

(right...  this tiny-hands motherfucker)

Stay Woke™!
There is a world out there they don’t want us to be aware of, and it is right under our noses.


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