Hotep Poetry Corner... I Weep For My People

Black on Black crime got brothers serving back-to-back time
Nothing rhymes with recidivism and we can't go back in time

Dirty water in Flint, yellow #5, MSG and foods laced with swine
Signs sent that the fellows in charge just don’t want us alive

Police shootings are cause for our brothers riots and looting
They put us in cages to hide us from our rooting

“They” keep strong Black fathers away from their Black babies
‘Cause they know single mothers can’t make kings, not even maybe

Molly and Percocet and xannies, that’s what they let our music feed us
Then right back to the War on Drugs, their prison labor needs us

Take back our cities; we need a community and a hand on our families
Too many in one place is a violent problem, that’s their fallacy

Kaepernick, OJ, Jay-Z and Obamacare are just distractions
STAY WOKE, my brothers and look deep at what’s happening

Amerikkka is not here for us, never was all along
Africa is the mother continent, where we really belong

Look out for our own, growing and building our own things

No one is going to help us fix our problems, sometimes not even us
Every Black man ain’t your brother, they're not all on our bus

A strong man with strong women makes strong families, that is the best way
No one opposing could top that, not even on their very best day

C’mon Black men and Black women, if we act together we can...

Go through this together, we can STICK it to the man


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