Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to continually shit in someone’s cornflakes.

Rather than take the wind out of the sails that is the conquerors’ favorite holidays, we will take just a few minutes of your time to say what WE are thankful for.

-   We’re thankful that white people have not managed to fuck up Chadwick Boseman.
-   We’re thankful for President Barack Obama…
… no, stay with us here.  The saying is that a presidency isn’t a presidency until the elected individual has ONE legislative victory.  And in playing by those rules, the last previous president who DID have any remains president. 
-   We’re thankful for our wives…
and our other wives
…  and our OTHER wives
-   We’re thankful for Robert Sylvester Kelly
-   We’re thankful for then enlightenment that will allow Hollyweird to burn to the fuckingground.

-   We’re thankful for Colin Kaepernick…
… we’re still cautiously wary of his lightskinndedness, though

See?  How hard was that?  In a world that hates the ankh-right, there’s a multitude of things that we should be thankful for and THOSE are the things that we should spend the season focusing on instead of dwelling on the negatives.


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