Christmas Shopping? PAY YOURSELF BACK FOR IT!!!

                Have you ever considered that shopping doesn’t HAVE to cost you the farm?
There are many means and methods through which to pay yourself back for spending money you were going to spend anyway.

                If you’re like me, you’re mildly antisocial and have no interest in setting foot in a mall, toy store or Wal Mart during the holiday rush and will instead do the lion’s share of your shopping from the comfort of your own home.  The beauty of not having to know anything about crowd control or deal with the intricacies of actually putting on clothes being one thing, the other is that there are tools in place to make this even MORE lucrative for you.

                As eBay is no longer the spot for soccer moms to clean out their attics and cash in on people willing to pay top dollar for obscure goods, retailers have come to use it as a marketplace not terribly dissimilar to Amazon.  eBay has a rewards program called “eBay Bucks” where they keep a running tab on what you buy over a quarter and rewards you at 2% of qualified products.  Once signed up, you will receive emails alerting you to 6, 8, and sometimes 10% Bucks for a limited time only.  At the end of the quarter, eBay bucks are released to your account and can be spent on anything you might find on eBay.
This is the difference between me buying boring normal mundane shit on eBay from buying it somewhere else.

                While we’re shopping online, another program you might have seen a commercial for, Ebates, can be installed as an app on your phone or your computer’s browser and will alert you to what kind of rebate is available if you purchase from that site on that day.  It will vary from 2-12% percent.  At the end of the quarter, they release your money to you in the form of a check or via PayPal.  Again, it only makes sense to pay yourself for shopping.  Yes, they’re doing market research on you to test your shopping habits so you can be advertised to, but at least they’re paying instead of stealing it from you like everywhere else putting a cookie in your browser.  Sign up using this link and make us both some money right away!

And lastly…

                That cash back rewards card you got sitting in the drawer?  Take the money you were going to use to pay for Christmas and put it ALL into that one card.  I have a Bank of America and a Quicksilver, I will use the one with the better cash back rates.  When you make your online purchases, THAT is the card you use to pay with, then at the end of your billing cycle, your card issuer will release rewards to you for your purchases that period.

And it really is JUST as simple as that, there above is three ways you can pay yourself back for money you planned to spend anyway.


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