Old Beginnings...

     Life is a weird thing…
It is this dance of things that will inevitably happen to us, fought against how we will react to them.
[Phlip note: isn’t it weird how we often use the word “inevitable,” but I have never heard the word “evitable” used in my 38years?]

In 2015, I had some defeatable health issues that I spent the necessary time, money and medical attention addressing.  It took until the end of the yea to be cleared of it all.  2016, I rediscovered my pen--… err, keyboard and ran with it (more on that Friday).  I also got the clearance from my doctors from the above situation to resume vigorous physical activity.
2017 was my year.  Cleared for action and newly motivated to eat right and attempt to live forever, I started walking/running and eventually bought a bicycle to get my physique under control.
And I threw off 40 pounds in 9 months.
October, we consolidated households and life became easier still.  No back-and-forth, no maintaining two sets of bills and more fun, living with a public school teacher netted a free – or deeply discounted – gym membership.  That 40 pounds became closer to 55ish when the holidays came around, even with relaxed approach to it in the weeks around my birthday as my family always does.

     The good thing about good years is that you end them ready to kick off another as soon as it’s done.  While my gym will be filled with “New Year’s Resolutioners,” I will be simply resuming were I have been.
I’ve learned to forgive myself for times in my past that I have fallen short of my goals, but with everything I/we have planned for 2018, I am best equipped to make strides toward them, more than I have at any point prior.

     Old beginnings; I am more motivated and better-supported in the things that I want and need to do than I can say I have been at any point.  My health is up, my weight is down, my creative output is higher than ever.
I won’t EVER say “new year, new me.”  I will say that I am continuing the progress I made all last year to become a better version of the best me that I have ever been.  Sit back and watch me work.


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