Writing about Writing Vol. 7

Short post today y’all…


     Not everything is for everybody.  Don’t let fear of catching a brick keep you from trying.  Some days, you will do something and present it to the world and at the end of the day, the only hits you’ll register are the ones that came when you visited the post to share it…  In your head you will hear the cartoon “whomp whomp whomp…”
Fuck that, you stand learn more from having it happen than you EVER will from pussing out to avoid it.

     Don’t be afraid to be the only one laughing.  Of course, when you find yourself in that position you should be working on what got you there to stop it.  Do. NOT. Shy. from being taken there from time to time.
Don’t get comfortable BEING in that spot, by no means am I suggesting that being unfunny is a desirable place to reside.

     Back to the leading thought.  You canNOT please everyone.  More importantly, you shouldn’t try to.  Do what works for you and let the chips fall where they may.  Do, however, take the feedback and take it as opportunity to improve and not as a blind/baseless criticism.  Even the hatiest of haterism contains a shred of usable information, even if it isn't presented in an easy-to-swallow package.


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