Pause and Eject--... No, Reset!

     Aside from what is already in the queue scheduled, I am done with my postings for the year.
     It has been a great year full of laughs, wonderful food, fun stories, funny raps from the so-called president and various other things.  The exercise of writing has been cathartic to me.  2018 will promise to bring more of the same.

     This isn’t to say I won’t be WRITING during this last two weeks, just that I won’t be posting what I write until January.
I’m tired, but I am tired from being tired, I am far from tired of writing.

     My queue consists of Thursday and Sunday postings.  Tuesday and Wednesdays require last-days writing and a different process than I am willing to take time away from my family to leg out these holidays for right now.

     See y’all January 1st!


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