Phood Phun with Phlip -- Egg Rolls; Keep the Rolls

Low-Carb living…

Sometimes you will come to things you’re used to having but can’t due to the vessel normally contained.  Egg rolls would be one of those things.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take advantage of everything that normally goes on the inside, just that now you need to be prepared to eat with a fork instead.

Start with sautéing the fresh-grated ginger and garlic in the sesame oil:

In with the bag of coleslaw:

Once that is properly tender, you come in with the chicken:

Now is also time to construct a bit of a sauce:

Everyone in the pool, mix it all together and cook together, shredding the chicken in with everything else:

Garnish with some green onions, sesame seeds and more sriracha because Phillip likes his food HOT, and serve:

     Sometimes I feel we’re totally oversimplifying these things when we do them, but this is one of those things that is really just as easy as putting the food in the pot in the proper quantities and order.  Using a rotisserie chicken from your grocery store makes life just that much simpler.

     What MIGHT have complicated this a bit might have been an attempt to roll them up and fry them like an actual eggroll.  If that is in your particular skillset, then please have at it, as this filling is MAGIC and I could imagine it only being just as good inside of the normal vehicle.


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