It's Christmas Night...

     See-through Sunday…  On a Monday.
8:20pm is when my fingers hit the keys on this one.  I have been awake since 6, and even that was on only about 6 hours of sleep, with reasoning for which I can only blame myself.  I have no work tomorrow and could crash out RIGHT now, but I also don’t want to wake up at 3am, so I am pushing through it.

     I moved into this house in August 2009 and closed on it 12 weeks later.  This is my 9th Christmas under this roof, my 6th one as a father.  Somehow this one feels different.  I spent it with both my existing and incoming families.  I woke up and had to wait on the babies – one of whom is actually 19 – to wake up so we can start opening gifts.  We made said babies breakfast, a tradition in my family.  I am at the age where it is not about what is in the boxes, but for the reaction of everyone else in the room when they open theirs.  The magic of that littler one’s face when she woke up next after me and sees what Santa left her, along with a note thanking her for being a good girl all year.  Going around and spreading gifts to the rest of the families in every corner of the city and collecting genuine appreciation from each stop.  Fuck what it cost me, thank God I can afford it now.

     This weekend was a great time filled with fun, food, games and laughter from people I wouldn’t replace.  Their collective spaces in my life are my glue.  Even our thinnest Christmases coming up were not bad, at least we ate good.  That taught us to appreciate what we have.  This one, though?  Not something I can necessarily put a finger on.  Everything, everything happening together in a silently concerted order.  Heck, even the normal negatives didn’t even show out for this one time at least.  It isn't even so much about getting everything I wanted and one thing I had forgotten I asked for - because that totally happened.

     I’m just thinking out loud here.  Christmas 2017 has been one for the books.  I am kind of tired and winding down with my keyboard here.

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year too.  I’ll see y’all on Thursday.


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